Dance Studio

Class Dress Code
Students and parents need to make sure they abide by the Class Dress Code to keep discipline and organization in our classes. Proper attire will allow for proper instruction from the staff and proper performance by the students themselves. Please let us know if you have any questions about your dance attire.

  • All students must wear coverups and street shoes to and from the studio.
  • All students need to have their hair pulled up and off the neck.
  • No excessive jewelry.
  • BALLET - Girls must wear a solid colored leotard, black or pink tights or black leggings, pink ballet shoes, and must have their hair up & secure. Black spandex shorts with at least a 4" inseam are allowed for Level II and higher; no booty shorts allowed! Ballet skirts and/or fitted knit shorts are optional. NO BAGGY SHORTS, BOOTY SHORTS OR PANTS WILL BE ALLOWED!
    • Boys must wear a solid black or white shirt, black shorts, fitted sweatpants or fitted pants, and black ballet shoes. NO OTHER STREET CLOTHES WILL BE ALLOWED!
  • TAP & JAZZ - Girls must wear a leotard or fitted tank/camisole top, tights, leggings or spandex shorts with at least a 4" inseam, and black tap or jazz shoes. No booty shorts or street clothes allowed! Younger students should replace ribbons on their tap shoes with elastic for tap class and may wear their ballet shoes for jazz class until the Teacher decides what shoes they will need for Recital. (Most younger classes dance barefoot for Recital if they do a jazz routine.) Dance paws/foot undies may be worn for Level II & up. Hair should be up off the neck & secure.
    • Boys must wear a solid color T-shirt with black shorts, fitted sweatpants or fitted pants. NO OTHER STREET CLOTHES WILL BE ALLOWED!
  • HIP-HOP - All students should wear dance attire or street clothes with tennis shoes and should have their hair up off the neck. If girls wear "short" shorts please make sure they wear tights or biker shorts with at least a 4" inseam so that instructors may teach them appropriately. Since Hip-Hop classes share rooms with all other classes (most of which have to stretch on the floor), we ask that you please make sure your tennis shoes are CLEAN (free of dirt) before coming into class.
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