Dance Studio

Holiday Show 2019 Details
Date: Saturday December 14th
Time: 2:30pm & 5:00pm. (Classes will be separated into 2 different shows.)
Location: North Shore Senior High School

Tickets: Holiday Show tickets are $5 each and will go on sale November 18 in the studio office during regular class hours. Please keep payments for tickets separate from other studio fees that are due.

Costume Information: Details on Holiday Show costume requirements have been posted in the studio lobby. You can also click on the buttons below to see details for costumes required for Level II/III and under as well as Level III & IV.

Day of the show information (Saturday Dec. 14): Dancers need to arrive at North Shore Senior High School at the Call Time specified for their show (click on the buttons below for details). Please do not be late for your Call Time! Dancers should arrive with hair & makeup done and report directly to the backstage dressing room to change quickly into their costume. The Teachers will be practicing with each class on stage starting at Call Time so all dancers need to be ready to practice at that time.
CALL TIMES are 1 hour before show time, and doors to the theater will be open for seating 30 minutes before show time.

Click on the buttons below for specific information.